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Are we really the creators of our own reality? “With our thoughts, we create the world. “said Buddha. So what is it really like? This article will answer this.

The energy that unites us all

Let’s start at the beginning. We are all united by a common energy. This energy can be called God, Source, Creator, Universe or any other name that seems appropriate to you and in accordance with your beliefs and religion if there is one.

“Okay, we’re united, that’s great. But how can this allow me to create my reality?”

We are united because in fact, we all come from the same energy source, we are part of that energy, we are that energy. And this energy can create, because after all, it has been doing so since the beginning. It created the different universes, galaxies, planets, and everything else on these planets. And since it creates all the time, why not us?

How does it work?

We are all pure energy. We produce very specific vibrations and frequencies that change according to our emotions, our thoughts, the people around us. The more “negative” our emotions and thoughts are – such as fear, sadness, jealousy, etc. – the lower the vibration and frequency. The more “positive” our emotions and thoughts are – such as joy, love, hope, gratitude – the higher the vibration. And each vibration sequence attracts the same vibration sequence. In other words, sadness attracts sadness, joy attracts joy, etc. I’m not the one who says it, but quantum physics!

On a more spiritual level, we are co-creator of our life with the Source, Creator, God, Universe… Through our thinking, we tell the Universe what we want in our lives and the Universe does its part. Hence the importance of noting that we are all linked to each other. Our actions, our emotions, our desires therefore have a direct impact on those around us. That’s why you can see whole groups going in the same direction, radically changing their lives together, etc. The more energies with the same vibratory sequence, the stronger the attraction will be, like a magnet.

Manifesting your reality, easy-peasy?

So how can we create this reality that we want so much? You have to really want it. As mentioned earlier, the more energy there is, the more you attract. And you have to visualise it. Visualise it in great detail, the joy it gives you, the feelings that come into you when you see these images. It’s your letter to the Universe. Take the time to visualise in detail what you want. Focus on the images to create the reality you want.

Children generally manifests much more easily than adults, because they do not have as many limiting beliefs and can visualise very intensely what they want.

If you are slowing down the idea of asking the Universe what you want, it is probably because you have beliefs and programming that limit you on your subconscious level. Perhaps your subconscious thinks that it has no right to ask for anything because it does not deserve it, or that it is not possible. If this is the case for you, the ThetaHealing technique can help you manifest what you want in your life, by removing the barriers you created! You can make an appointment by clicking here if you wish to release these blocks.

What are you waiting for to manifest your new reality?


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