Energy healing


Created by Vianna Stibal in 1995, ThetaHealing is a meditation technique using a spiritual philosophy to improve the mind, body and spirit while getting closer to the Source (also called God, Creator, Origin, Universe, etc.).

This technique allows one to target limiting beliefs and replace them in order to live one’s life with positive thoughts. Through meditation, the ThetaHealing technique creates a positive lifestyle, with the goal of overall well-being. 

In a nutshell…

Face-to-face or remote sessions

The effectiveness of the session is the same whether it takes place face-to-face or remotely, since the energy is universal and circulates everywhere.

A session lasts about 1 hour

Scope of action

  • Free ourselves from the negative and repetitive patterns of our lives;
  • Understand the origin of the disease in order to move towards well-being;
  • Healing from a past relationship;
  • Connecting to the “Source” energy, the energy that connects us all;
  • Talking to Guides and Angels;
  • Talking to people that have passed away;
  • Connecting with pets;
  • Connecting with plants;
  • Free ourselves from negative subconscious beliefs (about love, money, sexuality, work, success, well-being, etc.);
  • Free ourselves from past traumas;
  • And many others!

This technique is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment and we encourage you to consult your doctor for any health problem.

Price: £50

“The next day, I felt much lighter than I had felt in a long time!”


How does a session take place?

Face-to-face sessions begin with a quick discussion between the practitioner and the client about the issues that bring him or her to the session. Once the problems have been identified, the practitioner do a “reading” to identify beliefs related to the problem and finds the source of the problem with the help of the Source.

In order to confirm the presence of beliefs, the practitioner asks the client to perform a muscle test. If the muscle test confirms the presence of a belief, the practitioner asks the client if he or she wishes to replace it with a positive belief. After agreement, and only after agreement, the practitioner proceeds with the change in co-creation with the Source and witness it.

Remotely, the process remains the same. Sessions are done either by phone or by Skype/Zoom.

I started my spiritual journey with Yuna. […] This session was very emotional, and I had the feeling that I was completely accompanied, without any judgment, by Yuna. The next day, I felt much lighter than I had felt in a long time!


Yuna is solar, radiant. She is a caring and extremely competent therapist. She is one of the therapists who you want to go to because she conveys an image of trust. Her channels with the Creator are fluid and very accurate. I can only recommend her to you.
Yuna is what I call a “spiritual creator” who has multiple potentials, both spiritual and physical, which makes her a complete being and perfectly aligned with her mission to be, which is undoubtedly the transmission (among other things).
Thank you again for being who you are! I wish you all the best for the future.


I recently had a deeply healing and insightful ThetaHealing session with Yuna. She is a very kind, caring and compassionate person and this allowed my process to unfold in a safe, trusted and sacred way. I loved both her deep curiosity and lightness of spirit. I feel so much more empowered to make the changes in my life that I’ve been resisting. Thank you so much!


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