Energy healing


LaHoChi is a simple and powerful healing technique.

The sound “LA” in LaHoChi refers to Light, Love and Wisdom coming from the frequencies of the Buddhist plane.

The “HO” sound refers to the movement of this energy.

The “CHI” sound is the life force.

Therefore, LaHoChi is the highest frequency of Healing Light which, combined with the intentions of the spiritual world and human beings, allows the energy to move wherever it needs to go. It can be used for healing the earth, humans, animals, and plants.

In a nutshell…

Face-to-face or remote sessions

The effectiveness of the session is the same whether it takes place face-to-face or remotely, since the energy is universal and circulates everywhere.

A session lasts about 1 hour

This includes a quick exchange at the beginning of the session and a recap of the session at the end so that we can discuss what happened.

Simple yet powerful technique

This is a powerful healing technique.

Scope of action

  • Helps in reaching the highest states of meditation or consciousness possible for each person in the present moment;
  • Strongly stimulates the regenerative capacities of the physical body and also works actively to repair the etheric body, often carrying breaches or tears leading to chronic energy losses and energy disturbances of various kinds;
  • Undoes the body’s energy blockages;
  • Strengthens and expands the aura, thus allowing for better protection from negative energies;
  • Accelerates healing and increases psychic capacities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumnity, etc.) at the rhythm of each person;
  • Acts in a holistic way and brings little by little an enlarged consciousness of one’s body, of one’s Being and of one’s needs in order to return to the essential;
  • Tool of transformation and awakening of consciousness;
  • And many others!

This technique is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment and we encourage you to consult your doctor for any health problem.

Price: £50

“The sessions free me each time with great precision, in the sense of what I am experiencing.”


How does a session take place?

Face-to-face sessions begin with a discussion between client and practitioner to build trust. The client then lies down on a massage table and closes his or her eyes, in order to enter into a process of relaxation. Soft and relaxing music accompanies this moment. The practitioner then begins the healing process by placing his or her hands on the client (or above if the client doesn’t feel comfortable being touched), moving from one part of the body to another. The practitioner stays several minutes on each part of the body, and stops as soon as the energy has finished flowing. The energy flows where it needs to go, and will always be adapted to your needs. Once the healing process is finished, the client and the practitioner discuss what they have seen, heard and/or felt.

Remotely, the process remains the same. The practitioner calls the client to explain how the session will proceed. The client then sits comfortably and quietly at home while the practitioner performs the healing process. Once it is completed, the practitioner calls the client back to discuss what was seen, heard and/or felt. It is also possible to do the session via Skype or Zoom to leave the video throughout the session.

You can call the LaHoChi energy up to 3 days after the healing session to benefit from the energy longer.

I love the soft and luminous presence of Yuna Salou. The sessions free me each time with great precision, in the sense of what I am experiencing. It’s a path towards more lightness and consciousness.


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