How ThetaHealing changed my life



My spiritual openness

“I started my spiritual journey with Yuna. From the beginning, we realized that I needed an alignment of all my bodies, a rebalancing of my chakras and a complete cleansing. Indeed, I wanted to work on my beliefs and on my desire not to pass on these beliefs to my children. Two Reiki sessions were therefore necessary before I could start this new work on me.

Once my rebalancing was done, I felt fears and anxieties about having a second child, but I felt that they didn’t belong to me. Yuna allowed me to send the soul of a child I lost in another life to the light, where its true place was. This soul had been with me for several lives, always taking me for her mother.

It was a very strong moment both in my unconscious, but especially in my conscious; as if I had lost this child a second time. During the session, I never felt alone: Yuna accompanied me at every moment. It took me several weeks to talk about this experience without sadness, the time for me to get my conscious and unconscious to align. From that moment on, the anxieties and fears I felt about a second child disappeared completely.

Understand the logic of my discomfort thanks to the ThetaHealing technique

A few weeks later, I began to feel tired, irritable and bothered by the presence of others. I contacted Yuna again to find out where it came from. We realized that I unwittingly welcomed the energies of my entourage like a magnet. Thanks to the advice given by my guides, Yuna has carried out a complete cleansing of the energies and beliefs related to this “reception” of energies. Since then, I have not felt this problem or these unpleasant sensations.

It took longer to get pregnant than for my first child, and knowing that medically everything was fine, I contacted Yuna after a heavy feeling in my lower abdomen. This heaviness appeared at the time of my ovulation, a feeling I had never had before. After reading, it turned out that this heaviness represented the conscious and unconscious guilt of not being able to get pregnant as quickly as for the first time. Yuna offered to release this guilt, which I immediately accepted! This significant heaviness disappeared instantly and I felt much lighter.

From this came a very personal question about my sexuality. Yuna accompanied me at every moment, respecting my privacy and lifting all my blockages related to several beliefs related to Catholicism and the status of women in the couple. It was a very intense work, many of the events in my life being directly related to these deep beliefs. This session was very emotional, and I had the feeling that I had been completely accompanied, without any judgment, by Yuna. The next day, I felt much lighter than I had felt in a long time!”

Delphine L.G.


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