Energy healing

Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is a healing system that originated in ancient Egypt and is in connection with the Goddess Isis.

It activates the personal growth of the initiate, purifies him or her, brings protection and elevation, it is an aid to healing. This soft and strong energy allows to eliminate, to forgive, to heal memories and traumas, whether karmic or transgenerational. Through its powerful energy the Golden Triangle repairs the sacred feminine.

In a nutshell…

Face-to-face or remote sessions

The effectiveness of the session is the same whether it takes place face-to-face or remotely, since the energy is universal and circulates everywhere.

A session lasts about 1 hour

This includes a quick exchange at the beginning of the session and a recap of the session at the end so that we can discuss what happened.

Gentle yet powerful energy

It is a very gentle energy, that works in depth.

Scope of action

  • Liberation of karmic and/or transgenerational memories and traumas;
  • Stored emotions waiting to be released;
  • Feminine/masculine balance;
  • Wellness and relaxation;
  • And many others!

This technique is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment and we encourage you to consult your doctor for any health problem.

Price: £50

“After the session, I felt lighter and calmer.”


How does a session take place?

Face-to-face sessions begin with a discussion between client and practitioner to build trust. The client then lies down on a massage table and closes his or her eyes, in order to enter into a process of relaxation. Soft and relaxing music accompanies this moment. The practitioner then begins the healing process by placing his or her hands above the client (about 10 cm away), moving from one chakra to another (chakras are energy points in the body). The practitioner stays several minutes on each chakra, and stops as soon as the energy has finished flowing. The energy flows where it needs to go, and will always be adapted to your needs. Once the healing process is finished, the client and the practitioner discuss what they have seen, heard and/or felt.

Remotely, the process remains the same. The practitioner calls the client to explain how the session will proceed. The client then sits comfortably and quietly at home while the practitioner performs the healing process. Once it is completed, the practitioner calls the client back to discuss what was seen, heard and/or felt. It is also possible to do the session via Skype or Zoom to leave the video throughout the session.

Golden Triangle course

Take the Golden Triangle course is to connect with the Egyptian goddess Isis and her energy of peace and love. It helps to balance the masculine and feminine, so that the sacred duet unfolds. Once you’ve taken the course, you will be able to activate this energy on yourself or others, face-to-face or remotely. It is an aid to healing and can be used in combination with other energy systems such as Lahochi, Reiki, magnetism, etc.

Yuna is a professional and luminous practitioner. During the session, I felt different things as if she was touching me and pushing me inside while the session was done remotely. After the session, I felt lighter and calmer. I slept better. Thank you Yuna!


After a first session of the Golden Triangle with Yuna, I felt much lighter and more relaxed. A sense of well-being was felt immediately. I recommend Yuna for her professional work, which she practices in love.


I’ve had a few sessions with Yuna now and I’m always amazed at how intuitive she is. I generally feel much lighter after each session. Given we’re in lockdown and contact is restricted, I was open to trying the Golden Triangle remotely. All I needed to do was simply lay or meditate before Yuna provides an update on what she worked on. It was amazing to hear how she referenced parts of my body that I had felt pressure or movement! I will definitely do it again. Thanks so much Yuna!


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