Energy healing


The Cristal’âme technique is an energy healing technique, channeled by Frédérique Lahaye, which allows you to connect with your soul and to enter into communication with it.

This treatment uses the Golden Ray, a ray associated with the Ascended Master Jeshua – also known as Jesus Sananda – to release blockages that can prevent you from moving forward.

When this technique speaks to you, it means that your soul has decided to unblock a specific wound. A connection is then made between you and your cellular memories in order to release what needs to be released.

In a nutshell…

Face-to-face or remote sessions

The effectiveness of the session is the same whether it takes place face-to-face or remotely, since the energy is universal and circulates everywhere.

A session lasts about 1 hour

This includes a quick exchange at the beginning of the session and a recap of the session at the end so that we can discuss what happened.

Powerful yet balanced release technique

Your inner self chooses what there is to unlock and will never show you what you can’t handle emotionally.

This technique helps to release:

  • Negative thoughts, too invasive mind;
  • The wounds of the past (abandonment, betrayal, injustice, humiliation, rejection);
  • Current blockages;
  • Frustrations;
  • Programs in your cells that are blocking you in your life today;
  • Phobias;
  • Transmissions you carry at a transgenerational level that are linked to your ancestors;
  • The repetitive patterns;
  • And many others!
This technique is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment and we encourage you to consult your doctor for any health problem.

Price: £50

“The whole experience was delightful and allowed me to awaken hidden feelings.”


How does a session take place?

This technique works by light pressures on the back of the skull around the reptilian brain (where our memories are stored), and the limbic brain (our emotions), just by touching certain points of the head.

Face-to-face sessions begin with a discussion between the client and the practitioner, so that trust is established. The client then lies down on a massage table and closes his/her eyes, in order to enter into a process of relaxation. Soft and relaxing music accompanies this moment. The practitioner then begins the treatment by placing his hands under the client’s head and applying light pressures. During the session, the client can, if he or she wishes, share what he or she sees/feels/senses in order to unblock what needs to be unblocked. The client is always accompanied by the practitioner.

Remotely, the process remains the same. The practitioner contacts the client via Zoom or Skype and explains how the session will take place. The client then settles comfortably and quietly at home while the practitioner performs the treatment. The client can then discuss, if he or she wishes, what he or she sees/feels during the session so that the practitioner can guide him/her in their emotional release. Again, the client is always accompanied by the practitioner.

One to two sessions are sufficient, sometimes a little more, if the trauma is deep, even karmic.

This treatment lasts over time, meaning that it continues to have positive effects long after the session.

Cristal’âme course

Take the Cristal’âme course is to connect to the golden ray and the energy of Master Jeshua (also called Jesus Sananda). Once you’ve taken the course, you will be able to use this energy on yourself or others, face-to-face or remotely. This technique is very flexible, it can be used with other healing techniques, depending on your intuition. The more you use the technique, the more you connect to the powerful energy.

I had a session with Yuna.

It was truly a magical. I felt I was transported to mystical places and I when I was there I connected to a deep part of myself that became reignited.

The whole experience was delightful and allowed me to awaken hidden feelings.

I could feel Yuna’s healing energy at work even though we were apart!!!

I left feeling positive, light and excited about the future.

Thank you Yuna with all my heart!


I can’t recommend going to see Yuna enough!!

Anyone who feels stuck or could use some guidance or simply want to get in touch with themselves and learn to listen to their intuition will not be disappointed! She takes the time needed and you feel a real connection. I have changed so much as a person and I’m excited as I watch my life enfold with beautiful surprises all along the way! She is also bilingual French-English, like me so that’s a plus that was appreciated.


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