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Energy healing

Golden Triangle

Healing technique that eliminates, forgives and heals memories and traumas (karmic and transgenerational).

Energy healing

Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is a gateway that connects you to the energies of the 5th dimension of light and higher frequencies.

Energy healing


It is a powerful technique that helps releasing conscious or unconscious emotional blockages, directly in connection with your soul. 

Energy healing

Rays of light

hese sacred energies cleanse and purify our blockages, our chakras, our mind, our memories and our lower bodies, facilitating our evolution on all levels.

I’m very, very happy to have been trained by Yuna. She is someone who is very attentive to the good reception of information by everyone. She is concerned to take all the time necessary for everyone to properly assimilate this knowledge.

She is passionate about her practice. It also gives a lot of pleasure to learn in her company.

Her qualities of heart will only increase her quality as a teacher. She is altruistic and full of humanity. Failure is really part of the way of learning for everyone, including herself, which gives her the beautiful quality of questioning herself as often as necessary to improve her own experience as a teacher.

I couldn’t think of a better teacher in all these areas.

Thank you again and I look forward to learning more with you.


Yuna is a great teacher who passes on her knowledge with passion and love. A course, but also a moment of exchange where everyone can find their way according to where they are on their path, what they have learned and what they have acquired. Everything is welcomed with kindness and accompaniment.

It’s very reassuring and it gave me a lot of confidence to keep moving forward.


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